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Trifleet expands cryogenic tank container fleet

Source:本站Final update:2019-10-19 20:23:21 Author:佚名 Browse:256second

The new tanks have an optimal payload due to the low tare weight and high capacity of 22,000 litres.

Compared to the previous generation, weight has been reduced by 500kg (from 8,000 down to 7,500kg) in the case of the 20ft 17.2 bar tank containers, and by 1,250kg (from 9,550 down to 8,300kg) in the case of the 20ft 22 bar tank containers.

All CO2 cryogenic tank containers are provided with a pump unit. Trifleet expects to lease the new tank containers within Europe in particular.

“As an established tank container leasing company, we entered the cryogenic business in early 2018,” said Philip van Rooijen, Managing Director of Trifleet Leasing.

“The feedback we have received so far from the cryogenic industry confirms our technical abilities as a reliable partner offering superior cryogenic tanks and equipment.”

“This early success and the market growth expectations for cryogenic gases encouraged us to invest in additional cryogenic tanks, and we are ready to expand this specialised fleet further.”

The first tanks are already available with the full range expected to be delivered in June 2019.


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