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New service for FSRUs/LNG launched amidst EU’s scramble for gas

Source:本站Final update:2022-08-25 19:03:05 Author:佚名 Browse:76second

Global Maritime Services, Ltd (GMS), has launched its new marine advisory service for the offshore oil and gas sector, which aims to provide a ‘fast-track solution’ for new entrants into the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market.

GMS’ new Marine Department will provide an advisory service to companies looking to accelerate LNG import by deploying floating storage regasification units (FSRUs).  

According to GMS, conventional shore-based LNG import terminals can take years to deploy, whereas FSRUs – which also require relatively low investment to start operations – are fully operational within months.  

The new services was announced amidst a Europe-wide scramble to secure reliable gas suppies ahead of the winter season.

Typically reliant on Russian natural gas for around 40% of its supply, the EU has sought to increase its LNG import capacity following widespread sanctions imposed on Russia.

The European Commission’s RePowerEU initiative was announced recently as a response to the disruption of natural gas supplies to Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  

Stating that this is ‘truly a challenging time’ to be involve in the regasification and LNG import domain, Igor Tonmcic, Director, GMS, added, “Due to the regional energy supply insecurity, there is an increase in requests for FSRUs, new and converted, and each energy solution comes with its own unique set of advantages and challenges.”  

According to Toncic, the GMS team provides advisory services at every stage of the client’s floating technology project.  

“We can advise various stakeholders during the start-up, commission, and operational phases of a floating terminal from the marine, safety, and cargo-handling point of view.”  

GMS’s Marine Advisory Team also provides support for a range of inspection services, vetting and tanker management, and navigation, safety, cargo, and mooring equipment audits.

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