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Korea Gas Corporation starts-up liquefaction process test facility

Source:本站Final update:2021-01-11 20:49:52 Author:佚名 Browse:11second

Korea Gas Corporation has started operations of ‘KSMRTM Test-bed,’ a ‘Koreanized’ natural gas liquefaction test facility.

KSMRTM Test-bed is a key part of the LNG plant project, which has been conducted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport since 2008, and has been installed and operated at the Incheon LNG plant as a research test facility that can process liquefaction of 100 tonnes of natural gas per day.

Licenses of natural gas liquefaction process for base load and its basic design technologies are the key technologies that are owned by certain advanced countries such as the US and Germany. However, once Korea Gas Corporation successfully completes this performance verification and acquires the relevant license, it is expected for Korea Gas Corporation to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s leading companies in the overseas natural gas liquefaction plant market.

“We will safely operate the final performance test of the results of our ‘Koreanized’ natural gas liquefaction process development research and successfully perform it within the planned schedule,” said LEE Sang-kyu, LNG Plant Project Leader of Gas Corporation.

He also asked for cooperation and understanding from citizens, saying “There’s a chance that some flame can be seen within the Incheon plant during test process, but please note that it’s a normal process that can occur during test operation.”

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